The Association was founded in November 1962, shortly after Jamaica’s Independence in August 1962. Our seal of Incorporation was granted in 1970. Since its inception, the Association has grown strong in attracting members. It is recognized as the official organization representing Jamaicans in Montreal at Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels. 

Given our commitment to community development, the Jamaica Association, as a result of numerous workshops, developed our Mission Statement as follows:

“To assist in improving and enhancing the quality of life for the Jamaican Community”

In fulfilling this Mission, the Association manages its operations so as to ensure the development of the community through economical, educational, cultural and social activities.

 Our Board, for the 2020 year:

  • President -      Mr. Mark Henry
  • 1st V-P -          Ms. Sharon Nelson
  • 2nd V-P -         Mr. Alexander Townsend
  • Treasurer -       Mr. Aston Mendez
  • Secretary -       Shelley Morgan
  • Director -         Carlene Clarke
  • Director -         Mr. Brian Kotler