The Women's Auxiliary was officially revived in March 2017 after a long hiatus. The purpose of this committee is to engage more women to be a part of and take an active role in the Association.


Mandate of the Committee

This is a fun and democratically run group where everyone shares their opinions, is listened to and where their ideas are appreciated. As part of our mandate, we are planning:

1. discussion groups or lectures on issues of concern or curiosity;

2. outings to performances or museums;

3. trips in and around Quebec;

4. bake sales among other fun activities

5. promoting youth accomplishments;

6. and helping in the Montreal community and abroard, when possible.

The first activities in 2017 were the Mother's Day Celebration in May  followed by a Tea and Talk discussion group in June and a bake sale in November.  We are a currently a committee comprised of 16 dynamic women and we are open to welcoming more participants.



Sharon Nelson, Chair of the Committee, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to get involved.

 Womens Aux