ABE English2016



In response to the literacy demands of the 21st century, the Jamaica Association of Montreal has for more than17 years has been working with Ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS) to raise the literacy skills and to upgrade the education levels of adults by providing access to adult learning opportunities. This includes One to One Reading, Writing and numeracy, Computer, French as s Second Language, Basic English and Basic Mathematics instruction. The mission of the Adult Basic Education (ABE) program is to promote and sustain a culture of lifelong and life-wide learning by ensuring that adults have access to learning opportunities in order to gain the knowledge that enables them to participate in and adapt to changes as workers, parents, community members and learners. Adult literacy is the foundation for all future learning and training.

To respond to the varied literacy and upgrade demand of the community, the Jamaica Association of Montreal Inc organized its Adult Basic Education program courses into four components: adult literacy instructions, upgrading courses, French as a Second Language and tutorials for high school and adult education programs. The adult literacy instruction targets adults with low literacy skills and focuses on written and oral communication and numeracy. Our adult literacy courses are our one to one reading and writing and arithmetic instructions. 

The upgrading courses target adults who want to become literate in the use of personal computers and who want to improve their present level of functioning in English & Mathematics. Upgrading courses are our computer instruction courses and advanced courses in English, Mathematics. French as a Second Language courses target adults wanting to learn French and become fully integrated into Quebec. The tutorials are intended to prevent high school drop out and help to increase the number of adults and young people with Quebec secondary school diplomas. Our tutorials provide academics support to students in high school and adult centers who are struggling with Mathematics, French, English and Science courses.

Program Coordinator Douglas Bartley can be reached at 514-737-8229 xt 220