These  courses are intended to help individuals learn how to use information technology (IT) devices, common software applications, email and how to surf the internet.

This program is divided into two levels:

Option A:  Introduction to Computers and Email


Option B:  Computer Intermediate.


Course Descriptions and Content

Option A:  Introduction to Computers and Email

The first level of the course is for adults with little or no knowledge in the use of computers.


1. Use of the Mouse 2. Use of the Keyboard
3. Basic features of Word processing 4. Basic features of Spreadsheet
5. Creating an Email 6. Opening, sending and deleting emails
7. Surfing the internet for Entertainment and News (Radio stations, News) and Recipes  


Option B: Computer Intermediate

The second level is for adults with acceptable knowledge and comfort  in the use of computers. In order to take this course, learners must complete Option A: Introduction to Computer and Email.


1. Intermediate features of Word processing 2. Intermediate of spreadsheets
3. Using Google 4. Online job search
5. Online forms 6. Online shopping
7. E-mail attachments 8. Online security

Cost: A per term fee of $30 for registration in the ABE Program