The courses in this program are greared for participants at the Beginner and Intermediate Levels. Each level is divided into three sections and they both  extend over the entire academic year (September to June):

1. Section One is offered in the Fall session (September to December) and extends for 15 weeks;

2. Section Two is offered in the Winter session (January to March) and extends for 12 weeks;

3. Section Three is offered in the Spring session (April to June) and extends for 12 weeks.


Course Descriptions & Content

Option A: French l

The first level is an introduction to French.  Students will learn how to develop simple vocabulary and use basic grammar. This course is geared for adults who speak little or no French, and want to learn the  fundamentals with the aim to understand and produce simple sentences. The course will teach key vocabulary and verbs which will be useful in daily interactions. Students will learn the different sounds of the French language through the learning of basic principles of pronunciation and phonetic systems.

This includes day and evening classes.


1. Basic Salutations 2. Letters of the Alphabet
3. Vowels 4. Days of the week
5. Counting numbers ( 0-1000) 6. Colors
7. Anatomy 8. Months in the year
9. Telling the time 10. The verbs "avoir" and "ĂȘtre"
11. Conjugating verbs ending in -ER (Present tense and Future tense ) 12. Using articles ( les, le, la, un, une and des)
13. Negation 14. Preposition
15. Possessive adjectives 16.Writing simple sentences in French
17. Constructing simple message in French 18. Nouns: using  singular and plural nouns

Option B:  French II
The second level is for Intermediate French speakers. It will focus on vital, yet simple workplace and everyday communication. This course is for adults who have successfully completed the Introduction to French. Learners will learn more advanced concepts in this level.


1. Establishing contact with others 2. Introduction methods (providing simple information)
3. Spelling 4. Asking simple questions
5. Family member descriptions 6. Professional vocabulary
7. Description of personal belongings 8. How to discuss favourite foods and order in restaurants
9. Writing different types of letters 10. Constructing messages
11. Understanding and using French expressions  

Cost: A per term  fee of $30 for registration in the ABE Program