Brilliant Minds Jamaica Association2

Brilliant Minds is an after-school tutoring program for high school students.

Students are welcome to meet with our tutors in a comfortable working environment, with ample resources.  The aim is for students to gain a better understanding of subject matters, improve in their study habits and to achieve better grades.

Our tutors can assist on all high school subjects - just let us know what help is needed.

Tutors are also open to discussing potential career paths. Through these discussions, the administration of the Jamaica Association would like to encourage students to start to plan for their respective and exciting futures whether they choose to go on to college and university studies or choose to immerse themselves in vocational studies.  Whatever their choices, we want to instill the idea that education is an important way forward.

Further to that, when time permits and where there is interest, students are introduced to concepts in computer programming and coding. 

The ultimate goal of the Brilliant Minds program is to bolster students academic performances today to allow them to dream big when thinking of their futures for tomorrow.