The program offers activities and respite for young families and their children on the weekend.

FootSteps Program

  • Children 0-5yrs & 6-9yrs
  • Saturdays 1pm to 5pm
  • 6767 Cotes-des-Neiges rd. room: Coin des Petites

Footsteps is a program created for children of the ages 0-5 years old and 6-9 years old. From September through June, every Saturday, parents can enjoy liberation and respite as their children enjoy stimulating activities. Throughout the afternoon, the children and toddlers are entertained through various educational and creative activities while provided a relaxing and nurturing environment. Two reading circles, one for each age interval are put in place to introduce a value of literacy as arts and craft workshops encourage artistic freedom and imagination. All of the attending children are given the opportunity to interact with those of a different ages through the hour of free play. As the older children are encouraged to lead as an example, they quickly take on minor roles of responsibility. Not to mention, the youngest begin to beautifully mature as they aspire to match their comrades. Halfway through the activities, there is a pause for nutritious and tasty snacks. Educators and trained volunteers from Frontier College are present to assure that all of the children are safe and learning while forming deep bonds with them as well.

Besides the beneficial aspects of the Footsteps program, there are especially favorable options and opportunities for young mothers. During the week, young black mothers up to 35 years old with children aged 5 and under are offered much needed emotional support. They are equally offered assistance, such as: Accompaniment to appointments and help with filling out important documents. Mothers unable to travel to the association are offered home visits. The goal of the Footsteps program is to help nurture and care for our children while lending a hand to our young mothers.