Welcome to the Jamaica Association of Montreal Inc.

The Jamaica Association of Montreal Inc. is committed to the social, political, economic, educational and cultural integration of the Jamaican Community and by extension the Black Community within Montreal, and the Province of Quebec.

The organization is involved in assessing the needs of the community and providing the service through either a referral system or direct access.

We are undertaking short and long term plans to meet the objective of a more community service based organization. Primarily we exist to serve the members of the Jamaican Community in Quebec, working in conjunction with other community organizations and the Government as a whole.

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions.


New courses starting September 12th, 2016 Registration: $30.00 •Individualized Reading & Writing •Reading & Writing II •English Language Help Workshops •Mathematics - Arithmetic •Mathematics - Lab •Introduction to Computers •Basic MS Excel •French as a Second Language - Beginner •French as a Second Language - Intermediate •Saturday Tutorials Course description can be found here.


Queens of Reggae

Queens of Reggae

On Friday September 2nd, the Jamaica Association proudly presents a special edition of Uptown Reggae Nights called the Queens of Reggae.

Uptown Reggae Nights